Terms Of Service

The terms outlined on this document in accordance with the privacy policy found here are automatically agreed to when visiting and using our site. It’s expected

We reverse the right to modify these terms as needed and it is understood that by using our service you agree to these terms and our privacy policy.

User Property

All content that you input into our site is expected to be original and not illegally stolen from another source. Therefore you have full rights to your code or property on our site. However, by using our service you grant and agree for us to have the ability to use, reference, copy, move, remove, and edit anything posted here while Coding Planet is still in existence.

We are not responsible for stolen or illegitimate content posted to our website. We reserve the right to permanently delete any content created or posted onto our site. If there is an incident of concern, please reach out to our support and legal team to resolve the issue.

Third-Party Services

Coding Planet does work with third party services to improve our website and the services that we can provide. We do not endorse or promote any of their actions or decisions. We are not held liable for any fault or failure from Third-Party services or companies.

User Account

You are held liable and responsible for maintaining the security of your account information. Any such activity on your account is therefore your responsibility to maintain, manage, and be aware of. Coding Planet is not responsible for lost account information or unauthorized account logins. We reserve the right to delete and profiles and user accounts at our discretion. If you suspect your account to be insecure, it’s your responsibility to inform us immediately so we can take appropriate action. However, We are not held liable for lost accounts and lost account information should an incident occur.

Account Deletion

We reserve the full right to delete any account under any circumstances without notice. You are able to terminate your account through contacting a member of our support team. You will not be warned or provided notice should you inform us of your wish to have to your account removed.

User Disputes

By using our website, you agree to the fact that you are held responsible for your encounters with other members or individuals using our service. We are not held liable for any negative interactions or problems caused.

CodingPlanet Indemnification

By using our website and service you agree to not hold the company liable for any loss of property, information, damages, costs, fees, expenses, or fines of any kind. We are not held liable to the fullest extent of the law.

Plagiarism Information

We respect the fact that coders and developers own their code and property shared on this website. Therefore you may not steal the code or content of another individual on this site. If your code is plagiarized please reach out to our support team and we will immediately take action. Additionally, the website is under copyright which means that we have the exclusive legal right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform an original literary, artistic, dramatic or musical work for our website.

Legal Notes

Coding Planet is not held liable for lost, stolen, problematic, or consequential property anywhere on our site.

By using our website you acknowledge that you are using our website at your own discretion and that we are not held liable for your actions while using our service.

This document was last revised on 7.18.2018