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Select information and data points are safely collected when visiting and registering on this website. All of the information is secure in our databases using updated security techniques. By using our website and our services you are automatically consenting to this privacy policy and guidelines. When necessary, you may be asked to provide your email address and other optional pieces of information.

It is also possible to view our website anonymously by which no data will be collected. The safety of our visitors is always the top priority which is why we have taken numerous measures to ensure this promise.

What information do we collect?

We collect information for lawful and safe purposes. All collected information will never be distributed to partners or for any unlawful purpose. Passwords are always hashed and therefore not collected anywhere in any of our databases. The following list indicates the information that we do collect from users visiting our site.

It is also important to note that this website may be visited anonymously. Certain information is public on a profile by which all visitors can view, any publicized information is indicated below. Usernames, projects, and badges are also displayed publicly on user profiles.


Upon registering with our website, your email address and affiliated username will be collected. This information will be stored with your account and will not be distributed to partners or published at all.


Accounts can optionally set a location. This registered location will be published on your profile and can be viewed by others.

Age & Gender

Another optional point is Age & Gender. This information is stored and will be publicly visible on your profile. This information likewise to the above and ladder will be tied specifically to your account.

Social Media

Registered users also have the opportunity to attach any social media to their profile. This information is tied to your account and can be viewed by anyone who views your profile.


Your network or connecting IP (Internet Protocol) may be stored. This information will not be released or used for any unlawful purpose. The browser used to access this site may also be stored.


Specific dates and time for site access is stored in our database. Specific URLs and pages on the website that are visited may also be recorded.

How do we use the collected information?

Certain information is stored for account personalization and user interface. This information is collected and stored to improve the experience of the user.

Other collected information may be used for internal research aiming to better the quality and user experience of the website. Data may also be used internally in developing ways to continuously improve the safety and security of our website.

Collected data will never be sold, distributed, or sent out to anyone outside of our company or directly affiliated third parties keeping our website online.

Do we use cookies on our website?

No. We do not use cookies anywhere on our site.

How do we protect your information?

All collected information is protected using a multitude of security measures. All measures are updated regularly ensuring that you can access your specific information and that it stays personal to you.

Do we disclose any information collected?

Information and data collected on this site will not be disclosed, sold, or traded with partners for any reason. Therefore there is no risk when inputting your information on our website. Data, when appropriate, may be released to law enforcement or when it is in the interests of protecting the safety of the website and its users. This excludes third parties that we cooperate with in order to run the website.

However, sensitive information will never be given out without direct consent from the user. Anonymous users who do not have a registered account may not be subjected to these same informational disclosure promises.

Can the data stored about me be erased?

Registered users are provided with the option to delete their account which would in turn remove any stored data pertaining to that account. Certain data points may be updated automatically (Such as Age) or updated manually (Such as Location). Outdated information may be erased as needed with more current information.

Changes & Updates

Should for any reason this Privacy Policy change, all visitors and members on the site will be notified of the change and specifically what is changing. It is important to note that before any changes are made, users will always be informed ahead of time.


If at any point in time you, the visitor, have any questions about our privacy policy or guidelines please reach out to us. Below is our contact information…


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This Privacy Policy was created on JUNE 27, 2018

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