Community Guidelines

Our platform which enables communication with other users is not to be exploited or misused under any circumstances. We reserve the right to prohibit users from communicating on our website for any reason under any circumstances without notice. We are not held responsible for the information or code chosen to be shared on our website.


Do not advertise other websites, products, or services anywhere on the site. The exception of this includes promoting / adding social media onto your profile.


Avoid harassing, disrespecting, or bullying other members on the website. Hatred is not tolerated and harassment of any kind will be dealt with by an administrator and depending on the severity to the fullest extent of the law.


Do not threaten harm whether it personally, ddos, or dox threats against a user. Threatening messages or intimidation against another individual is unacceptable. Depending on the severity of the threat, law enforcement may be informed and the account may be deleted at our discretion.

Malicious Code

Do not create malicious code or post malicious content anywhere on the website including implemented in any of the challenges.


Racism or discrimination / slurs of any kind aren’t tolerated, it will result in account deletion.

Explicit Content

Explicit content of any kind isn’t allowed. This includes violent content, sexual content, or anything of an inappropriate nature.


Pornography or adult content isn’t allowed anywhere on the website either. Additionally, miscellaneous links and harmful links may not be posted anywhere on the site.

Illegal Content / Activity

Illegal Content / Activity - All activity occurring on the website must be in full compliance with the law. Illegal content and activity will be removed, reported, and law enforcement will be informed depending on the severity.

Malware Distribution

The distribution of RATs, Viruses, IP Loggers, or Malware of any kind isn’t acceptable on Coding Planet.